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Tips for Dental Care During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, maternal health is very influential on the condition of the baby it contains, including oral health. If not treated properly, teeth can cause general health problems, both for the mother and fetus. Diseases of the teeth and mouth, such as cavities and inflammation of the gums, are prone to suffer by pregnant women. The increased risk of tooth disorders in pregnancy is caused by changes in the body of a pregnant woman. In addition, nausea and vomiting commonly experienced by pregnant women can cause an acidic mouth condition, so that the cavities are easy and become a place for the development of germs. Increasing the hormones estrogen and progesterone can also cause inflammation of the gums. Things to Look For Before Doing Dental Care during Pregnancy Given the high risk of toothache during pregnancy, dental care is needed. If you are pregnant and want to undergo dental treatment, the first thing to do is to notify the condition of your pregnancy to the dentist.
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Tips for Exercising when Fasting

During fasting, exercise can still be done. But because the condition of the body when fasting is certainly not the same as usual, there are some things that need to be considered so that exercise does not interfere with this worship. Fasting a whole month during Ramadan is one of the obligations of Muslims. In Indonesia, fasting is carried out for approximately 13 hours. That is, during this period, the body does not get food and drink intake at all. Now, for fear of being weak and canceling fasting, many people feel reluctant to do sports when fasting. Tips for Exercising when Fasting Exercise has many health benefits. Regular exercise not only helps control weight, but also reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and cancer. In addition, exercise can also increase muscle and bone strength, slow down aging, and reduce stress. The following are some tips so that you can still exercise while fasting: 1. Choose the right type of exercise The recommended types of ex

What is the Best Age for Pregnancy

Age is one of the factors that influences your success rate in getting pregnant. At productive age, your chances of getting pregnant are higher than when you were older. In terms of health and physical condition, a young age is also the ideal age for pregnancy. Basically there is no age-specific standard for getting a pregnancy. However, generally a woman's fertility will decrease with age. In addition, pregnancy in old age is also at risk of causing complications in pregnant women. That is why getting pregnant at a young age is recommended. Pregnant in Your 20s The productive age referred to here is the age of 20 years. Biologically, this age is the right time to get pregnant because your fertility is very high and the egg cells produced are also very abundant. The risk of having a birth defect is also less because the quality of eggs produced at this age is generally still very good. There are several other advantages to getting if you are pregnant at this age, including: